April 2021 - Bible Verses and Quotes

Month: April 2021

27th April, 2021

Can You Trust The Bible? (Final Part)

Old Testament As for what books of the Old Testament should be in the Bible, throughout history, there has been little to no debate about this among rabbis. Starting from the Old Testament times, they recognized the messengers of God and accepted their writings as inspired by him. [34] For...

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20th April, 2021

Can You Trust The Bible? (Part 7)

New Testament The compilation and recognition of the scriptures that form the New Testament began in the first centuries A.D. From then on, the 27 books of the New Testament have been recognized as canonical by Protestant, Roman Catholic, and almost all Christian denominations. Only after Dan Brown’s Da Vinci...

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13th April, 2021

Can You Trust The Bible? (Part 6)

Historical Accuracy Another example of the historical accuracy of the Bible and the trustworthiness of the Bible’s authors is the Hittites. According to the Old Testament, they were as powerful as the nation of Judah. Critics claimed such a powerful people-group can’t disappear from Earth without archæological evidence. Then, in...

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9th April, 2021

Can You Trust The Bible? (Part 5)

A Weak, Lame, Crucified, Criminal-God The whole crucifixion of Jesus is one of the worst things to invent if you wanted to gain a following in those days. First, crucifixion was reserved for the worst criminals. Second, good luck convincing anyone that God got crucified by people. That would have...

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