June 2021 - Bible Verses and Quotes

Month: June 2021

24th June, 2021

Is Christianity responsible for Injustice and Wars? (Part 3)

“Religion Causes Wars And Is Therefore Bad” This is a common assertion, but, as we discovered in the first part of this series (Everyone, Atheists included, is religious), the statement, “Religion causes wars and therefore religion is bad,” has a fundamental problem. We discovered that anyone who wants to make...

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17th June, 2021

Is Christianity responsible for Injustice and Wars? (Part 2)

Character Flaws Second, it is true that even people who are Christians have deeply flawed characters and behavior, often even more so than non-Christians. Unlike almost every other religion in the world, in Christianity you don’t have to make yourself acceptable to God to gain his favor. You don’t have...

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11th June, 2021

Christianity, is it responsible for Injustice and Wars? (Part 1)

Many who have positive views on Christianity have often had previous encounters with loving and caring Christians. Conversely, some who find Christianity ridiculous, bad, or as something to eradicate often have this predisposition because they have experienced or observed injustices caused by people who identify as Christians. Thus, we must...

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2nd June, 2021

Does Science Support Christianity and the Bible? (Final)

Macroevolution However, some Christians, called “Young Earth creationists”, do not believe in macroevolution, a key component of Darwinian evolution, in which living creatures “evolve” into different creatures.50 Imagine a world filled with only worms. There are no other animals nor humans in existence in this world, just worms. Now imagine...

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