September 2021 - Bible Verses and Quotes

Month: September 2021

28th September, 2021

Is Christianity Restrictive? (Part 2)

[Discussion: Does anyone in a democratic society have freedom?] Do Democratic Societies Have Freedom? Nobody has freedoms in democratic societies, at least if one wants to avoid the negative consequences that exercising unlimited freedom might bring. One might want to urinate in public, pick flowers from a park, or modernize...

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22nd September, 2021

Is Christianity Restrictive? (Part 1)

(A small-group study guide for: The Reason for God, Chapter 3) [Ice breaker: For those of you who are married, how did you first know you were in love? Write down your answer and save it. Towards the end of this study, we’ll get back to it.] Introduction Objections I...

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15th September, 2021

Everyone, Atheists Included, Is Religious (Part 3)

What About Doubt? Doubt is the opposite of faith. Regardless of what religion or worldview one holds, everyone’s faith is mixed with a certain amount of doubt as well. Dealing with our doubts is quite important—perhaps equally important as dealing with our faith. [Discussion: What could happen to those holding...

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8th September, 2021

Everyone, Atheists Included, Is Religious (Part 2)

Moral Secularists The vast majority of secular people are moral secularists. Let me ask you question: Do you believe in human rights? Do you believe that it’s wrong to torture babies just for the fun of it? If so, you are a moral secularist living by faith. I will explain...

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