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19th August, 2022

The Shocking Darkness of Easter (Part 3)

The Crucifixion Part 1—Satan’s Full Fury Unleashed Now Satan wanted to get Jesus on the cross ASAP, and he didn’t waste time. He entered in Judas (Luke 22:3), who conspired with the chief priests to determine the best time and place to arrest Jesus. He was arrested and tried during...

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15th July, 2022

The Shocking Darkness of Easter (Part 2)

A Struggle Through The Ages We will look at this question in two parts. First, we’ll start with Satan trying to prevent Jesus from going to the cross. He started this way before Jesus was born—back in time to Adam. In the beginning, Adam was perfect too, holy. Satan, however,...

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22nd March, 2022

The Shocking Darkness of Easter (Part 1)

Origins Of Easter “Yes, Jesus died on the cross for our sins on Easter about 2,000 years ago,” but we don’t reflect on the depth of what happened. The details of Easter are quite intricate and started long before Jesus was even born. The first of the three passages we’ll...

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10th March, 2022

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 4)

Why Can’t God Forgive Everybody? It is foolish to debate the fairness of God’s sending someone to Hell who never knew about him. People are accountable to God for what God has revealed to them. The Bible says people reject this knowledge, and therefore God is justified in condemning them....

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24th February, 2022

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 3)

The Real Problem We Humans Have With Eternal Hell [Discussion: What is the real problem most of us have with the concept of eternal Hell?] The real problem with eternal Hell, from a human viewpoint, is not that God’s punishment is potentially too harsh; it’s that our view of ourselves...

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8th November, 2021

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 2)

A God Of Judgment Can’t Be A God Of Love Christianity teaches both love and justice are attributes of God. Many western people struggle with this concept since, thinking about it quickly, they don’t necessarily see how someone can be both loving and judging. [Discussion: What potential weaknesses are hidden...

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17th October, 2021

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 1)

NOTE: Through-out the text you will bracketed purple text insertions that begin with the word “Discussion”. These are suggested discussion questions for small group leaders, who would like to go through these topics in an interactive group setting. Introduction “I don’t want to believe in a God who could send...

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8th October, 2021

Is Christianity Restrictive? (Part 3)

Does Love Restrict People’s Personal Freedom? The source of all of Christianity’s restrictions and limitations is love. It may be surprising to hear that love—which almost everyone likes and thinks is good—is also extremely freedom limiting and restrictive. Love is also one of the most important aspects of Christianity:[5] 1....

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28th September, 2021

Is Christianity Restrictive? (Part 2)

[Discussion: Does anyone in a democratic society have freedom?] Do Democratic Societies Have Freedom? Nobody has freedoms in democratic societies, at least if one wants to avoid the negative consequences that exercising unlimited freedom might bring. One might want to urinate in public, pick flowers from a park, or modernize...

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22nd September, 2021

Is Christianity Restrictive? (Part 1)

(A small-group study guide for: The Reason for God, Chapter 3) [Ice breaker: For those of you who are married, how did you first know you were in love? Write down your answer and save it. Towards the end of this study, we’ll get back to it.] Introduction Objections I...

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