God’s plan - How to Conquer Fear, Worry and Anxiety (Final)

Sermons & Study MaterialCoronavirus: How to Conquer Fear, Worry and Anxiety (Final)

Coronavirus: How to Conquer Fear, Worry and Anxiety (Final)

Remember, Remember, Remember

My fellow worried, anxious, depressed, Christian, remember that God’s plan is to make you more like Jesus. In most cases, that will not be easy. It’s not easy placing God above your desires. Jesus promises his followers a weird, hard life by worldly standards.[4] This coronavirus might not even end up being your toughest trial. However, you have a great advantage. You are not most people. You are a child of God!

It’s understandable for unbelievers to be worried and anxious since they don’t have God. He is not protecting them and when they die they’ll be separated from him forever. However, when everyone is reminded how fleeting and fragile life is, we can be unwavering in our belief! We pray for what we think is right, but trust God to do what he knows is best, for his glory and our eternal benefit.

What peace you can have knowing this truth, that every single trial in your life is somehow for your eternal benefit, even if it contradicts your immediate desires. Someway, somehow, each and every trial has been customized for your eternal glory, and one day, in this life or the next, you will understand their benefit, for your eternal joy! In the meanwhile, you may not like your trials (that’s why they are called trials), nor even understand them, but you don’t have to. Instead of trusting how feel, or how things look, trust that God knows better than you. Remember who God is. He is all good, and all powerful, working for his glory and your benefit, no matter what comes next. Remember that.

Throughout the Old Testament, God’s constant plea to His people was: Remember who I am! Remember my promises! Remember what I’ve done for you! Remember how I brought you out of Egypt, remember how I brought you to the land of Canaan, remember how I delivered you from Babylonian captivity. Remember to whom you belong! Remember who is in control!

In the New Testament Jesus constantly asked: “Have you not read?” Right now, in the midst of your troubles, God is asking you: “Have you not read”? Have you not read that he chose you, died for you, saved you, and loves you? Do you understand, do you really understand, that when he looks at you, he sees his precious child, made clean and perfect by the blood of Christ?

In your worry and anxiety, don’t you think God has forgotten you or doesn’t care about you, for whom he literally died to adopt you into his family.

The problem is not that God has forgotten about you. The problem is that you often forget what kind of God you have. When those thoughts of worry are attacking you or when your negative feelings stir you, you can believe the lies in your mind or choose to remember what your father, God, has said and done!

Preach these gospel truths to yourself Christian! They do not depend upon your feelings but, upon God. He is in control and has promised never to let you go until his work on you is finished. He determined the day you were born and he has predetermined the day and the very second you will die. Until that moment, when he brings you home, where you belong, with him, for all eternity, you are untouchable. You might have wondered recently about your chances of dying if you catch the coronavirus. Your chances of dying upon catching it are exactly the same if you hadn’t caught it. God’s in control of your life (Job 14:5), not a virus nor any other calamity.[5]

Remember these glorious truths and let God’s supernatural peace rest upon you richly!

Sources, Inspiration, And Further Reading

The author made this document as a study guide for a small bible study group he hosts. Feel free to use this document in your own group studies, but kindly provide a link back to this page: bibleversesandquotes.com

Below are the main sources and inspiration for this study:





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0osq6PSrMek (Matt Chandler: Nobody Dies Early)

https://youtu.be/86dsfBbZfWs?t=44 (The Rope Illustration)

[1] https://www.gotquestions.org/glorify-God-in-everything.html

[2] Even Jesus himself was very clear to his would-be followers, that following him would not be easy. See (Luke 9:57–-62).

[3] Quoted from https://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-anxiety.html

[4] See supra note 2.

[5] As Pastor Miguel Nunez, who is also a medical doctor, has aptly put it.

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