Coronavirus: How to Conquer Fear, Worry, and Anxiety (part 1)

Sermons & Study MaterialCoronavirus: How to Conquer Fear, Worry, and Anxiety (part 1)

Coronavirus: How to Conquer Fear, Worry, and Anxiety (part 1)

Introduction: Worry, Fear And Anxiety During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We are living an exceptional time now with the coronavirus wreaking havoc upon our health and economies. Chaos and destruction shouldn’t of course come as a shock to us Christians. We know that we live in a fallen and cursed world (Gen. 3:17; Rom. 8:22), and thus chaos and destruction is to be expected. In fact, we ought to be surprised and thankful for any brief periods of calm and peace we get to experience.

However, we have, at least I have, been conditioned to forget this. The past decades have been a marathon of blessings, at least in a worldly and material sense. Our parents’ generations experienced a surge in standard of living over their parents’, and our generation has experienced the same. Compare your life to the life of your parents, when they were the same age as you are now, and you will likely see a gargantuan difference. Furthermore, there has been relative calm and peace in countries where Christianity, especially Protestantism, has had a strong influence.

Ironically, as referenced by Proverbs 30:9, the spiritual strength of Christians seems to have been declining as our material comforts have been increasing. After all, when we’re comfortable and we don’t have problems, why would we need God? Now, the coronavirus has shaken all nations from their comfort. Societies, us Christians included, are in a state of worry, fear, and anxiety, and I absolutely understand why.

Stay tuned for part 2

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