Eternal Hell - How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 3)

Sermons & Study MaterialHow Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 3)
The Real Problem We Humans Have With Eternal Hell

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Part 3)

The Real Problem We Humans Have With Eternal Hell

[Discussion: What is the real problem most of us have with the concept of eternal Hell?]

The real problem with eternal Hell, from a human viewpoint, is not that God’s punishment is potentially too harsh; it’s that our view of ourselves and other humans is too high and our view of God is too low. We often mistakenly think we are somehow equal lifeforms compared to God, or at least close to it. However, the facts do not support this viewpoint.

We aren’t infinite. Our minds cannot and will not ever comprehend the depths of the universe. We can’t create a universe from nothing. In fact, we can’t even create an ant from nothing.

If you think God’s punishments are too severe, the issue is that your view of humans, including of yourself, is too high, and your view of God and his holiness is too low. Sure, you have no problem when a human kills a biting mosquito, but you have a huge problem when an infinite God passes judgment on a paltry human.

What About Those Who Don’t Know About God?

[Discussion: What is usually the main problem with the claim that there are some people who don’t know about God?]

The only people who don’t know nor understand God are babies, small children, and others whose minds have not fully developed. The Bible doesn’t directly address what happens to this category of people upon death but, based on several bible passages such as 2. Sam. 12:23, Matt, 18:1-6 and 19:13-15, there is strong evidence they will go be with God. [1]

As for us of sound and developed minds, there are no such people in our group who don’t know about God. Even a man born in the remotest region in the world, totally shut out from all other civilizations, knows about God. When one looks at nature around him—animals, humans, the miracle of life—the most obvious answer to all of this is that there is a creator, God.

The problem is that man rejects what he has seen about God in nature and in his heart (Rom 1:19-21). Even if this man on the remote island has made a god for himself, it will be a god who is to his own liking. He has not sought the real God in humility. He has not cried out to the heavens asking, “Oh creator of the universe, I’m a bad person. Even my conscious often testifies against me. What shall I do? Help me!”

If he’d done it, he would likely be a believer. As the Bible exemplifies, those who really are looking for God find him.[2] It’s silly to think God would see someone truly looking for him, in all humility, and not show himself to that person—that he would just be laughing, “Try as you might, you will never find me, giggles.”

No, there is no such evidence in the Bible, only the opposite. There are even modern-day examples of Islamic people starting to search for the truth and having dreams of Jesus.[3] God gives light to those who search for him.

Stay tuned for the 4th part.



[2] Cornelius in Acts 10 and the Ethiopian servant in Acts 8:26-40.

[3] Seeking Allah Finding Jesus, by Nabeel Qureshi:

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